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2007 - Ginny Lees' first litter

All three puppies left for new homes in 2007, they are not available.

For the first litter of our bitch Ginny Lee "Lilly" we found Rocky being the perfect partner.

With Lilly, a reserved classical Chrested Lady, very sensitive, elegantly moving and dynamic sprint capabilities and Rocky, slightly smaller than 32-cm tall Lilly with nice and friendly character, a superb gentleman from tip to tail we braught two complementing characters together that will enrich the breed of true Chinese Chrested Dogs.

We were happy to be supported by Iris Schultz of solinos.com in our attempt of breeding beautiful and healthy Chinese Crested Dogs with natural character.

Ginny Lees' puppies were born April 15, 2007. This was her very first litter and we were happy that all went well without any problems.

Three males arrived, two of them powderpuffs and one hairless. Surprisingly all names had to start with letter "C" and so we called them Cippo, Chihiro and Campino.


Ginny Lee with first litter

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2007 First Litter Sir and Dam

Legends the Great Contender "Rocky", Pedigree Ginny Lee z Haliparku "Lilly", Pedigree

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Offsprings born April 15, 2007

Ginny Lee with 9 days old puppies 2 Powderpuff and 1 hairless Boys

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The offsprings


The boys are around 2 weeks old


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Campino left for his new home in Paris, France.

Our tallest powderpuff male puppy, trustingly, loves his brothers even so he often gets drubbed by them. A quiet character, rather handy, likes to watch whats going on - and beats back if it's enough.


Powderpuff Campino du Copcopine

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Gallery of Crested Dog CAMPINO

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Chihiro enjoys his new family in the Czech Republic

is our hairless male, elegant, tall with long legs, likes running fast, listens and enjoyes to come when called by name.
Character: gentle, tenderly, curious, likes companionsship, loves discoveries in the garden and is the first outside for sunbathing.


Chihiro du Copcopine

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Gallery of Crested Dog CHIHIRO

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The incredible powderpuff CIPPO - now living with his new family in The Netherlands

Our action puppy, feeling strong and like to show it. Jumps up to be caught in-the-jump, maybe the next artist?
Nevertheless he loves to spoon with us and is attentively following us. First one to have a public walk outside of the garden.


Cippo - 7 weeks old Chinese Crested Powderpuff living in the Netherlands

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Gallery of Crested Dog CIPPO

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